Austrian Consulate

The Commercial Attache
The Austrian Embassy
18 Belgrave Mews West

Dear Sir

I write on behalf of Mr Ron Trap and his wife Maria from Salford who have written to me.

The Traps own a successful shirt business which they have operated for 16, going on 17 years. They have been struggling for the last couple of years to expand their exports through Austria into the growing markets of the Czech Republic, Poland and the rest of Europe. Ron and Maria are extremely concerned about the turmoil resulting from the recent changes in government in Austria. They are worried that the attitude of the other EU nations may have a serious impact on his firm’s ability to export shirts to Austria. They have already invested heavily in an expensive range of pastel-coloured shirts for the forthcoming Spring season. Can you please reassure them that your government’s foreign minister is doing his utmost to protect full trade links between Austria and it’s European partners? If those links falter Ron and Maria will have to pin their hopes on a strong rally in sales of the Autumn season’s brown and black collection.

I look forward to receiving your prompt reply.

Yours sincerely

Jasper Griegson

PS. Feel free to fax me direct on 0181-428-4322 or E-mail me at