British Airways

Robert Ayling
Managing Director
British Airways plc
Speedbird House
London Heathrow Airport

Dear Bob

My postbag has thrown up a fax from Mr M. Levitt a copy of which is enclosed. Allow me to comment as follows:-

The Levitts like to fly BA,
They think that it’s the only way,
For short-haul flights and long-haul too,
They say that nothing else will do.

Accordingly they chose BA,
When jetting off to San Jose,
On their return they tale they tell,
Was nothing less than the Flight From Hell.

The plane was cramped – they realised when,
They saw it was a DC-10,
The three hour delay was not much fun,
Nor was the diversion to San Juan!

After 90 minutes of stewing there,
It was plain the plane was going nowhere,
At 6-30 am just for a lark,
The passengers were told to disembark.

During four hours waiting no one slept a wink,
There was no information, no food or drink,
The lounge was dirty and very hot,
Did BA care?
BA did not.

On board again the passengers flocked,
To the toilets that were permanently blocked,
For the Levitts this was the final straw,
I hardly need to add much more.

The Levitts’ treatment,
Was a dastardly crime,
And on that note,
I’ll end this rhyme.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Yours sincerely

Jasper Griegson