Tate Modern

Lars Nittve
The Tate Modern

Dear Lars

I write on behalf of my daughter Zoe (aged 8), a budding artist of the post-modernist neo-Simpsons school.

Following a recent visit to the Tate Modern, Zoe is a bit perplexed and she would be grateful for your guidance and assistance. When viewing one of the masterpieces on display, a picture by Yves Klein, Zoe was rather struck by the fact that, to her untrained eye, it appeared to be no more than a blue square on a white background. When I tried to explain to her that the blueness was more like a galactic chasm – a desolate exploration of an infinate void, Zoe retorted as follows:-

“Shut up Dad. It’s rubbish!”

I enclose a copy of the picture in question together with a comparable piece by Zoe. Please let me know:-

a) which one you prefer and why and
b) what money you might raise by selling the Yves Klein work .

Zoe is prepared to charge a modest fee so if you prefer hers, you may be in for a pretty sizeable profit. Moreover, Zoe will donate any proceeds to the NSPCC. What do you reckon?

Best regards

Yours sincerely

Jasper Griegson