I have in the past written a blog about how to complain to the BBC. In the interests of fairness and balance, it is important to know how to complain about ITV as well.  At this time of the year there is a fair chance that you will watch commercial television at some stage but you may well find grounds for complaint.  Be it excessively loud adverts, rubbishy programmes or political bias do not suffer in silence.  Complain.  But how?
  • Your laziest option is to telephone 0844 88 14150 although you may find that the call is very expensive if you  call from a mobile although this is not a case from a BT landline.  The other problem is that the lines are not manned 24 hours per day 7 days per week so do not expect a response if you are complaining about the midnight movie.
  • If you want to complain by email ITV will encourage you to email in on viewerservices@itv.com.  My strong suspicion is that such a complaint will not be taken very seriously.  You may find greater success by personalising your email to someone by name at the top of ITV.  To get his or her email address, find out the email address of someone lower down and then substitute in the name of someone higher up.
  • Similar principles apply if you prefer snail mail.  ITV will encourage you to address your letter to Viewer Services
ITV Plc, Gas Street, Birmingham, B1 2JT.  That is all well and good but I would suggest that you will have more success by complaining to someone senior by name such as Adam Crozier, the Chief Executive.  You should write to him at The London Television Centre, Upper Ground, London, SE1 9LT
  • If you want to go over the head of ITV you should now complain to the television regulator Offcom which governs television the media and several other industries.  The Offcom website gives excellent guidelines and tips so just click on www.offcom.orguk and discover more.  If a complaint is taken up by Offcom this is a real pain in the neck for ITV so they will take it seriously.  Before that happens Offcom will generally want to see that you have exhausted the normal channels of a direct complaint first.  An infringement of the Broadcasting Code would be the sort of thing that would be considered such as a deeply offensive programme.  Offcom publishes findings online so it is well worth looking at these to get an idea as to what complaints they will uphold.  Complaints about adverts should be addressed elsewhere to the Advertising Standards Agency.