There are lots of things to complain about in the world.  The fact that buses come in threes, the fact that new cars lose their value as soon as they are driven off the forecourt, the fact that there is no proper mobile phone reception in Pembrokeshire and the fact that my dog’s breath smells of fish even though she has never eaten fish are all reasons to complain.

One of the less obvious areas of complaint is over-service and in many ways it is every bit as irritating as bad service.  If you have suffered from over-service you should complain as you would on any other basis.  When does it occur?  The two shining examples are restaurants and clothes shops.
  • There you are having a romantic candle-lit evening with your beloved at the local Italian restaurant. The pasta is divine and the Chianti is perfect.  You are embroiled in a quiet conversation when a man with a pepper grinder the size of a Saturn Five rocket arrives at your table.  You like pepper but your don’t need it ground onto your food by Luigi with a mission to spice up your life in a way that is wholly unwarranted.  The meal is spoiled because a restaurant is not just about the food – it is about the whole experience.  Do not lose sight of that.
  • Clothes shops illustrate the same point of principle.  You have carved out a few hours of quality selfish shopping time and you decide to visit your local mall with a view to buying a couple of new shirts.  You want to potter, you want to browse and take your time but to your misfortune you wander into a small boutique because the items in the shop window look half attractive.  As soon as you go in to eye up a shirt you are confronted by the dreaded words: “Can I help You”. As a matter of English custom you respond in kind (almost apologetically): “No. I’m just looking”.  You hover for a while but soon leave because you hate being scrutinised.
  • Over-service is one of those things that is hard to express as a reason to complain but it is annoying never the less.  It is something to which the best response is a complaint by voting with your feet.  Over-service is bad service.  Do not accept it.