You have just bought the latest Microsoft software and it is riddled with more bugs that a lice infested dog.  Your computer has crashed for the eighth time as a result and you are pulling your hair out with frustration.  What are your options?
  • You can of course “go for the jugular” and write to Bill Gates.  He lives at 1835 73rd Ave NE, Medina, WA 98039 USA so why not drop him a line?  It will do no harm and you have nothing to lose but the cost of a stamp.
  • You can email Bill Gates.  I have heard that his email address is but whether he or anyone else reads the inbox is anyone’s guess.
  • There is a lot to be said for writing to someone else senior at Microsoft who is doubtless very jealous of Bill’s huge in-tray and who might just be inspired to take ownership of your dispute.  Steve Ballmer the Chief Executive is quite a good bet but why not write to the Finance Director of the Marketing Director – they will doubtless be delighted to receive something out of the ordinary like your complaint.
  • Closer to home you may wish to drill down a bit more and focus your attention on the English subsidiary of Microsoft.  Gordon Frazer, the Managing Director of the UK arm will probably be delighted to hear from you so why not make his day with a beautifully penned letter marked strictly private and confidential?
  • Another option is to return the software to the shop from whence it came but better still, save yourself the bother and return the “hot potato” to the head office of Currys Digital, John Lewis or whenever.  The  shop will simply refuse to refund you for software once it has been opened but do not accept this kind of small-minded nonsense – show them who is boss.  Bill Gates is not God and if the software in question is not “satisfactory” or “fit for purpose” it is not good enough for the retail to shrug its corporate shoulders and say “tough”.  In truth your most direct gripe is with the store since you have the law of contract and nuisance value on your side.  Do not be afraid to become a nuisance.
  • So which of the above options is the best one?  The answer is: all of the above.