Who is the Complainer?

The mysterious Jasper Griegson is a professional complainer. He is married with three children. His wife has been the source of many of his biggest complaints; his children (whom he describes as his apprentices) are not averse to the odd complaint themselves. Although he is a journalist and public speaker, Jasper claims to do a “real job” as well in order to pay the mortgage. The most that anybody knows about this “real job” is that it is a “dull job in the City”, involving paperclips and pen-pushing.

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In the past, Jasper has been the Official Complainer for The Sun, The Daily Express, London Newstalk Radio and a variety of magazines including The National Enquirer and Realm. He has also made a number of television appearances including a regular feature on ITV's The Richard Hammond Show, BBC 1's That's Britain and Channel 5's Espresso. He specialises in consumer affairs, complaints policy and complaining from the perspective of the consumer.

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