Photo of Jasper Griegson - consumer champion

Jasper Griegson is a well-known consumer champion who has written three books about how to complain. He lectures both to consumers and companies on complaints issues from both perspectives and the general importance of customer care. 

Since the 1990s, Jasper has made many media appearances on such programmes as The Richard Hammond Show, This Morning, The Steve Wright Show, BBC1’s That’s Britain and many others. He has written for publications including The Times and The National Enquirer and had long-running regular columns in The Sun and The Daily Express under the name ‘The Complainer’. 

Jasper is a great advocate for downtrodden consumers and over the decades has pitted his skills and powers of persuasion against the mightiest corporations, from banks to airlines, supermarkets to local government.  

Jasper is a great believer that despite a wealth of consumer rights legislation in this country many people have no idea what to do when they are faced with a consumer issue. People often feel powerless, intimidated or completely at sea when trying to assert themselves against companies with massive resources.  He feels that a lot of companies pay lip service to customer care but in fact offer very little more than a poor digital service.  More than ever consumers feel disenfranchised, especially when they find themselves up against chatbots, meaningless customer care charters and helplines that do little more than play Vivaldi muzak for interminable periods of time.  

Jasper is honoured to be joining the team at Resolver to further advance the cause of helping to empower aggrieved consumers who are locked in battle with large businesses that do not take customer care seriously.

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