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One of the best reasons for complaining is that complaining is good for you. There is a catharsis in getting a problem off your chest and doing something positive and constructive to resolve the problem.

In the course of an average year, we are all bombarded by a multitude of minor irritants. And sometimes they are not minor but significantly worse than that. 

Many people bottle up their frustration and become embittered rather than empowered.  This ineffectual and passive approach to life is unfortunate and ignores the fact that complaining can be constructive and healthy for the mind and soul. 

Complaining releases what would otherwise be pent-up fury that will do little more than raise your blood pressure.

I will explain my philosophy by way of analogy.  If you are walking along a road and you start to realise that a small stone has found its way into your shoe, you face a choice. You can ignore the irritation caused by the offending item and soldier on. Or you can take a few moments to remedy the problem.  The latter is obviously the best choice.

My advice is to deal with all problems in the same way – head-on and swiftly. However small the problem, if it is niggling away at you you must do something. The feeling of catharsis only improves when you get a response and hopefully make some progress. 

Complaining, as opposed to whinging, is about asserting yourself in a healthy and civilised way to ensure that you are not crushed by uncaring or thoughtless companies that will all too often take advantage of vulnerable consumers.  Whether you do it with the help of Resolver or otherwise, achieving a small victory enables you to keep your self-respect and your dignity.

I am neither a doctor nor a psychologist but there can be little doubt that your overall well-being is improved by taking effective action to remedy whatever is bothering you.

It is worth remembering the guiding maxim for all aggrieved consumers: don’t get mad, get even.  It will do your soul a power of good.

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